Our service starts even earlier! Understanding clients needs and requirements and giving the right direction by consulting our clients with our experienced team, gives a strategic value to the client of saving time and money right from the beginning.

Drawing and Design Management:

Our in-house drawing and design team gives the client the visible view of the project. Our drawing and design department is capable to give the client individual designs up on his request not only on technical level.


Installation is the final level where our clients understands the value give by Labtec. Labtec puts high efforts in order to offer and fulfill high quality installation through its highly experienced installation team.


Our direct sales team is the base of our success. Well educated and highly competent in understanding client's needs and translating into our products and services is the core value to the client.

Through our regional and international agent network, Labtec is able to serve the clients immediate, fast and on highest possible professional approach. Please contact us anytime to submit you our nearest local agent.


Very important part of Labtec value chain is commissioning. Labtec is taking strong focus on the quality, operability and functionality of its products working as a system prior delivery to the site and the client's premises.

Surface Technology:

Over the years and in cooperation with our international suppliers and clients, Labtec gained a leading position in the surface technology, specifically in worktop applications. We are able to offer the right surface to each application asked by our client requirements. Our strong partnership with our international surface and worktop suppliers, we work closly on different R&D developments.

Laboratory Equipments:

Labtecs core business is supply of laboratory furniture's and systems. With severely selected international partners, Labtec is offering different laboratory equipments as the intention to offer a complete service to our clients. Every equipment Labtec , has integrated into his product portfolio, the source of origin and producers name has been specified.

Quality Management:

Labtec is an ISO certificated company. We are controlling our complete process by internal and external auditors frequently, processes and quality assurance on products and service are written down in the management and employment guidelines, giving responsibility, awareness and understanding to every employee in our daily work.

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